Google+ Tips & Tricks Blog: How to Block Program to access Internet by AVG FIRWALL

Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to Block Program to access Internet by AVG FIRWALL

Hello World..!!

1. Open Avg Interface or Program Windows


2. Click on Tools and then Firewall Setting (Last Option in the Tools Menu) .


3. List of application contains “Application Name”, “Action” & “Path”. 

Search that Program which you want to block in the application name. If Program doesn’t exists then Click on ADD Button.

4. A New Windows appear. Add the .EXE here or Path in the given button.


5. Now Select your action , apply it and save it.

6. Done All the steps and now enjoy . . . You are successfully blocked the program with AVG FIREWALL.

This post comes with my personal experience. I like AVG Antivirus and feels it’s a best ANTIVIRUS Software in the market. Its user-friendly, simple, strong and fast.

Blocking threw the firewall is helpful to play cracked games and using cracked software. But its also useful for other stuff. When you don’t want automatic updates and don’t want to waste your Bandwidth just block that program.


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