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Monday, 27 January 2014

Delete Everything From Facebook

Method 1:- Facebook Timeline Cleaner

Script Summary: This script deletes your facebook comments/posts/likes .. I'll do my best to stay on top of maintaining the script .. but keep in mind that facebook updates things A LOT .. and I also tend to think they make changes specifically to block scripts like this.

Feature List:
1. Deletes activities, all or within a defined time frame.
2. Deletes game posts, all or within a defined time frame.
3. Hides elements from the time line, all or within a defined time frame.
4. Deletes everything ( including photos ), all or within a defined time frame.
5. Unlike everything
6. Supports Facebook's Secure Browsing features ( NEW )
Note: This script does not un-friend people like some of the other scripts have done in the past!


The script has been tested with the following browsers
1. Firefox with Greasemonkey
2. Google Chrome with Tampermonkey ( the script MUST be installed in Tampermonkey )

I'm not responsible for any bad things that happen.. but you can totally credit me for awesome things if they happen =)

Go there and Click on Install:- Install Script

Method 2:- Absterge

Absterge clears any Facebook activity deleting every entry in the 'Activity Log', generated by the Timeline.

Absterge works such that a user logs in to the Facebook Timeline, and navigates to the 'Activity Log' section. The removal process automatically unrolls all user's activity (by triggering click to "More Activity" link), and then removes every activity that can be removed from the logs. The only required user's activity so far is to expand the year where the logs are chronologically classified. The script deletes everything.

Absterge in action: Youtube Link

The script is in the initial version, therefore I demand your patience. Note that, once you open the ‘Activity Log’, the script will delete every Facebook activity visible in the expanded chronological year. How to use it:

1. Install Firefox (any OS on any architecture)
2. Install Greasemonkey (
3. Download and install the Absterge script available above.
4. Log in to Facebook and make sure that Facebook Timeline is available.
5. Navigate to the ‘Activity Log’.
6. The script will start unrolling the current expanded year triggering the ‘More Activity’ click event.
7. As soon as the script finds posts / comments / status updates, those will be automatically removed, without warnings.
8. In order to remove the activity of another year, just expand the year tab. The script will take care of the rest.

The current implementation is quite sloppy. It would be great if someone is in the mood to adapt the script, so it can have a nice GUI to integrate in the Activity Log of Facebook, as well as to provide feedback of the posts being removed.

Go there and Click on Install:-Install Script

NOTE:- There is no responsibility of me, if you have done anything wrong. I have just provide you links and information.

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