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Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Remove OR Delete OR Disable OR Deactivate Facebook Timeline

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Overview of How to Remove / Disable Facebook Timeline

If you hate Facebook Timeline and want to change back to viewing the old style, single column layout format profile pages, this guide is for you.


Guide to Disabling Facebook Timeline in Your Web Browser
The method for viewing Timeline pages in an easier to read single column layout format, for the following web browsers : Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Opera, is listed below : ( If you are using Internet Explorer, i strongly suggest you install one of the previously listed browsers, as this method is not compatible with IE. )
  1. First, install the F.B. Purity browser extension, as it adds a function for disabling Facebook Timeline in your browser.
  2. After F.B. Purity is installed, when you visit Facebook you will see a green "TL" at the top of the page, next to the search box, that looks like this:
    FB Purity's Timeline Disabling Button
    Click the green "TL" icon in your browser and F.B. Purity will disable Timeline for you.
  3. Now visit any Timeline pages, and you will see them displayed in a single column layout format, similar to the old style profiles.
  4. If at any time, you wish to view Timeline pages again in the usual 2 column layout, just click the "TL" icon with the red cross through it at the top right of your browser window, and Timeline will be restored.
    FB Purity's Timeline Re-Enabling Button
  5. Please click the "Share" button below, to share this page with all your friends, that way they will also be able to use this solution to disable Timeline in their browsers, so they too can see all Timeline pages in the old format:

N.B. There is no way to completely remove Timeline from your Facebook account, you can only "re-style" it to display differently in your own browser, as this is a browser extension based solution. If you would like your friends to be able to view your Timeline pages in a single column layout too, encourage them to install F.B. Purity too, so they can also get the option to view all Timeline pages in the easier to read and less confusing single column layout format.


There is no way to remove permanently Facebook timeline at yet. So, you can use this method to remove timeline.

Personally, I hate timeline when its release because its compulsory to everyone to use. But now I like it very much. Its good, easy and perfect for managing lots of notification in a small time. Its gives you opportunity to show your personality and like threw the big cover size picture.

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