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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How to Use Computer Internet on iPhone Via USB & Wi-Fi both

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Read the brief note first before using this trick. Its help you more to decide that you want to use of not this method.

NOTE:- All the methods and tricks are not made by me. I just share these methods for learning purpose and specially for those who want to use PC internet Connection on iPhone. If any damage happened your phone , I am not responsible for that.

Some people live experiments with there gadgets, Like me. So, I recommend only those people use this tricks who actually know how to use PC and iPhone.

Jailbreak is make iPhone out of warranty. Use on your own risk.


Methods Type Difficulty
Method 1. Wi-Fi Easy
Method 2. USB+JAILBREAK Hard + Risky

Method 1:- Wi-Fi Method

Sharing Internet with iPhone over Wi-Fi .

Stage One :- (On Computer (Windows Vista))

1.Open Start Menu
2.Click on Connect To
3.Click on Setup a Connection or Network
4.Set up a Wireless Ad-hoc Connection
5.Network Name : Apple Net | Sharing Security Type : No Authentication (Open)
6.Connect to the Apple Net
7.You are done here !

Stage Two :- (On Computer (Windows Vista)) ( THIS STAGE CAN COME AFTER STAGE FOUR)

1.Open Network and Sharing Center
2.Click View Status on the Ad-hoc Connection
3.Click on Properties
4.Click on the Networking tab
5.Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
6.Click on the Properties tab
7.Set the IP address to :
8.Set the Subnet mask to :
9.You are done here !

Stage Three :- (On Computer(Windows Vista))

1.Download the following software

2.Click on the Proxy tab
3.Click on the Setting tab
4.Uncheck the following :-
A.loopback interface only | B.Intercept if
5.Click on the intercept tab
6.Turn the intercepter on
7.Always run this application when sharing the internet
8.You are done here !

Stage Four:- (On the iPhone)

1.Open Wifi settings (Found in Settings)
2.Select Apple Net
3.Select Press the Blue arrow to configure it
4.Use the following settings :-

IP address :
Subnet Mask :
Leave the rest of the stuff

5.Go to HTTP Proxy
6.Choose Manual
7.Use the following settings :-

Sever :
Subnet Mask :

Stage Five:- (On the iPhone)

1.Now Save the settings
2.And open Safari and chose Apple to start Browsing


But note that this will only work on 1.1.1/2 but on 1.1.3/4 you will only be able to use it with the original Applications and the Installer application make sure to turn on the Join Known Networks option in the iPods wifi settings .

Method 2:- USB + JAILBREAK

First we most need a jailbreak iPhone with Cydia installed.

In iPhone
you have to install these things in order to get online through USB Cable.
Jailbreak your iPhone using Redsn0w (recommended) because it auto installs required ssh technique to the iPhone. Install OpenSSH and OpenSSL(usually auto installs with OpenSSH). And make sure that OpenSSH is active, For that you have to install SBSettings with SBSettings to Enable or Disable SSH.

Turn off WIFI and Turn on Data/Edge. Also make sure your APN settings are correct for your Data plan.

If you jailbreak through blackra1n or any other method except Limera1n (Redsn0w). You must installafc2add through Cydia.

In PC you have to download the latest version of IFunbox v1.9.
Download and install Privoxy v3.0.19.
Download and extract Bitvise Tunnelier
For making iPhone online via USB Cable you all need to do minor change in iPhone's default setting file, called Preferences.plist.
To force the iphone to use http proxy on its primary, gprs/edge interface?
There is no menu in iphone settings to change it (unlike the wifi), it is not documented but it is possible.
The trick is to change the iphone's preferences file in the following location.
/private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist (for 1.1.3 to 5.0.1 iOS)
You can use IFunbox or Diskaid to drag and drop that preferences.plist file to your locak hard drive and please backup this file another location also.
Now open that file in plist Editor (for Windows) to change it's credentials.
find the area containing text
<string> (ip1)</string>

right after that line add the following lines

so you can find final result as below
<string> (ip1)</string>

Remember not to add Proxies lines under any other Interface because there might be more interface lines with ip2 , ip3 or ip4 strings. So must add after ip1 string's interface. and also if you find already having proxies key, just delete complete key up to </dict>.
in this process we force iphone to call IP from proxy.pac. Now add the proxy.pac file in described directory.
Open notepad and copy paste this text
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
{ return "PROXY"; }
save as name proxy.pac (make sure not to proxy.pac.txt)
now drag this proxy.pac file to
using iFunbox or diskaid.
Before getting iPhone online you must have replaced Preferences.plist over original one. And also placeproxy.pac into defined directory.
Once you get all these things in right direction, Now you are ready to go for step by step process.

Step 1.

Connect iPhone to PC using USB Cable. Close iTunes if opened auto.

Step 2.

Run Privoxy that download and installed earlier. You can minimize Privoxy to sys tray.

Step 3.

Run iFunbox, wait to connect your iPhone and then click on left side named "USB Tunnel" wait for few seconds and you should now see

iOS Port PC Address
22(SSH) IP:22

where IP is your local IP (Example:, or

Step 4.

Run TunnelierPortable.exe that you extracted earlier, Enter the IP you find on iFunbox USB Tunnel to the host field under Server into the login tab.
Port = 22
username = root
password = alpine (choose initial method as Password
go to S2C Fwding tab
add these values
Status = Enabled
Listen Interface =
List. Port = 8118
Destination Host =
Dest. Port = 8118
Comments = Reverse port to Privoxy

Step 5.

Now hit Login button and all done.

With Graphics and Links

This will not work if you iPhone is not Jailbroken. You must have SSH already installed.
Before you begin, make sure your iPhone is connected with your 30pin USB to your computer(Computer must have connection to internet),
and that SSH is turned on, and make sure EDGE is turned on.
What you will need:

-- Proxy - ccproxy -
-- Archive with all necessary internal iPhoneUSB - iPhoneUSB
-- Net Framework 3.5 - Download details: .NET Framework 3.5

1. Extract Archive to desktop.

2. Install ccproxy on your computer, then run it.
3. Double click, or execute, file 1_start_ssh_tunnel.cmd - it opens a tunnel between your phone and your computer (do not close the window, you can reduce, postpone or scale down). Remember the phone must be connected to a computer via usb.

4. Next set a proxy for EDGE on your phone.
execute winscp.cmd, navigate to folder / private / var / preferences / SystemConfiguration
You'll need to transfer the file preferences.plist to you computer, and edit, or paste over, the Proxy area.
5. Once edited transter preferences.plist back to your iphone and overwrite the existing file.
6. Click the Options button in ccproxy, and click the "Advanced", then click the tab Networks, then untick with "disable external users" save and go back to main ccproxy window.

7. Execute file 1_start_ssh_tunnel.cmd - it opens a tunnel between your phone and your computer (do not close the window, you can reduce, postpone or scale down). The phone must be connected to a computer via usb.
8. Execute proxy_tunnel.cmd - opens port 808 on your phone. (do not close the window, you can reduce, postpone or scale down).
The Internet should now work!

I do not take any credit for creating this walkthrough. All credit goes to the team at all i did was translate it well.

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