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Saturday, 9 February 2013

How To Access Facebook In Office Secretly

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Facebook is like addiction but in Offices this addiction not available for every one. So, How to access secretly and without knowing any body you can use these tricks.

1. Use Excelbook App

ExcelBook is an extremely useful application for your desktop. Using this application, you can hide the use of Facebook at work. It’s a desktop based application and the interface is quite similar to MS Excel. To the outside world it appears as if you’re busy working on a spreadsheet.

Excel Book thumb 3 Ways To Secretly Use Facebook At Office Without Letting Anyone Know

ExcelBook allows you to post update, reply to comments and even you can chat with your Facebook friends. Once installed on your desktop, it prompts you for the Facebook account details and once logged in, you can see your Facebook wall which is dressed up to look like a spreadsheet. If you don’t want anyone to know that you’re using Facebook, ExcelBook is your application. It requires Adobe Air. You can download ExcelBook here.

2. Use Gmail to Access Facebook

Gmail is one of the most used websites at offices, no one will know that you’re actually accessing Facebook within Gmail. You just need to add a gadget to the Gmail. To add a Gadget, first go to Gmail Settings > Labs and then look up for ‘Add any Gadget by URL’ and enable it.

Use Gmail to Access Facebook 1 thumb 3 Ways To Secretly Use Facebook At Office Without Letting Anyone Know

Now go to ‘Gadgets’ tab and add this link into the text field and click ‘Add’ button.

When you’re done with that, a gadget icon ‘Facebook’ will appear on the left pane bar. You can find it below the Chat. Clicking on the icon will open up a Interface which will ask you for Facebook login details. Once logged in, it allows you to read your Friend’s Facebook statuses and also you’ll be able to write your own status.

3. Use Outlook to Access Facebook Updates

If you are an Outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. You can access Facebook updates within Outlook. There’s an application which integrates Facebook with Outlook and lets users read Facebook wall, update status and reply to comments without having to open the browser or any other applications.

Use Facebook at office thumb 3 Ways To Secretly Use Facebook At Office Without Letting Anyone Know

The application is FBLook, which seamlessly integrates Facebook into Outlook. Using this app, you can even see notifications of new Friend Requests, Messages, Invites, Pokes, etc. To know more about how to install and for the download link, go to Official Webpage of FBLook.

I hope using one of the above 3 ways can help you to access Facebook at offices without letting your senior employees know so that you can interact with your friends. To others it appears that you’re actually doing your work.

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