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Sunday, 26 January 2014

IGNOU MHD 2nd Year Solved Assignment


IGNOU MHD 2nd Year Solved Assignment Available now.

Assignment Session – July 2013 & January 2014

Assignment Package - MHD-1, 5, 7, 13 ,14, 15, 16 for July 13 - Jan 14

Link of the Question Paper :- IGNOU MHD ASSIGNMENT QUESTION PAPER (Check the link first)

Assignment Price – Cheapest Price you ever get.

How To Contact – Leave your Email I.D , Mobile Number or any other way which you want for contact in comments. (Comments is visible only for me, So you I.D & Mobile Number will be safe.)



1. When you submit assignments always attach question paper in last with assignment.

2. Use full scape page & if possible try to use only right hand side written paper. Like a drawing sheet.

3. Underlining the important points.

4. Write page number on every page.

Best of Luck for Exam & Assignments.

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