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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Soon Insert Yourself in Games

Do you want to put or drop yourself in game. ???


I think yes…. Every gamer wants to do that. Now its possible soon. In a move to take 3D motion capture beyond the next level, here comes a system that quickly creates a photographic-quality render of any person and then seamlessly inserts it into video game environments as a fully-moveable digital character.

L.A based Alexx Henry studios has developed a system which gives your realistic avatar a chance to run, jump, fly and even break dance as you play the video game.

Its called as xxArray system, consists of photo booth equipped with 68 cameras to capture a 360 degree view, full body image in glorious 3D.

Once the 3D image is captured, it's assigned to a digital wireframe to generate onscreen articulation and mobility. 

Now you are ready to enter the game and do whatever you want to do! 

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