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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Xperia Small App Manager Crashed, New Custom Widget Can't Add Fixed

Xperia Phones have small app widgets function where you can add your custom widgets, if widgets supported by small app manager. But some time you are facing error when you are try to add new widget and widget is already supported list in phone's home screen.

For the example :- You want to add ADM Widget in small apps. When you are click on add widget form existing widgets suddenly small app manager crashed and showed a error "unfortunately small app manager stop" .

This problem come twice with me and both time Problem solved by UNINSTALLING the app called Musixmatch . After uninstalling this app my small app manager working again. I have faced this problem two times and both time same app removed and problem fixed.

If you have not this app in your phone and you are getting this problem. Then try to search which app you installed before getting this problem. ( Check those app who have widgets features, Like musixmatch app inbuilt widget feature ) . Try to remove that app and check.

I have done every thing but problem was not solved. I have mailed sony support, clean small app cache and data ( Settings- Apps- All apps- Small App ), force stop and restarted device many times. Nothing works. 

Just uninstalling that app works for me. App is very good for music lovers but if your problem solved after uninstalling it than please send a mail to xperia support and musixmatch app creator. Express your problems, hope they fixed it soon.

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! Problem solved!!!


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