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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Why I shouldn't Install WIndows 10 - Part 1

Botched Updates

While the majority of updates do go successfully, it has been known for some of them to do more harm than good. Past problems vary from the minor to the major: input lag on some games, broken playback on specific video file types and even a full-on blue screen of death. While the problems were acknowledged by Microsoft and resolved, it’s an inconvenience that users shouldn’t have to go through. If Windows 10 will force updates on everyone, can we be sure that they will always be stable?

Reduced Flexibility

Windows 10 will be the last version of Microsoft’s operating system. Whereas in the past the launch of the latest version of Windows was a big event, consumers are now wired to expect their updates to be free, thanks to companies like Apple and Google. As such, the idea is that everyone will just be running Windows as a service. Think of an online site you use, like Facebook, which continues to evolve while still maintaining the same name and lacking version numbers. This is what Microsoft now see Windows as being like.

o an extent, users have flexibility over their flavor of Windows. There are some people who are still sticking with XP, despite official support for it having ended, simply because they prefer it over the subsequent operating systems. There’s people out there who don’t upgrade their operating systems purely because they’ve got used to what they know and it’ll be too much of a hassle to learn their way round a new system. With Windows 10, there won’t be any choice about what features you install or future aesthetic changes you approve. Everyone will have exactly the same thing, whether they like it or not.
Of course, it’s too early to say how big feature updates will be handled. Let’s say that Microsoft one day decides to overhaul the visual design of Windows 10–will we be able to stick with the ‘classic’ theme or will there be no choice in that either? And how can we know that Microsoft won’t force software on us that we don’t want, especially when Candy Crush Saga is being pre-installed on all systems. Flexibility is king and it’s being lost under this new updating method.

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