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Monday, 8 February 2016

Earn Money On Amazon by Simple Trick

Amazon want to become number one online shopping site. At present war is going on between Flipkart & Amazon. Its is the perfect time for buyers who like to shop online
Amazon have some plus points. If your product is under “Amazon Fulfilled” you are eligible for got 100% cash back or refund at in given period (Read Fulfilled Policy).
Now Amazon double the Referral incentive. If somebody join by referral link you are eligible for RS.400 gift card, and that person who joins amazon by your referral got RS.200 gift voucher.
Friend or Relative need to create account by referral link and When he or she purchase something more than RS.599 you are eligible for voucher.
So, How we take some advantage of this? Just Follow the Steps.

If you have already amazon account, no problem its works for everybody, but follow it carefully.

Create new account by using other person Referral Link.
Now Click on it and Make new amazon account. If you purchase anything more than RS.599 You will 101% Get RS.200 Cash back as a gift card in your account.
You can send as many as referral link possible to your friends, family and relatives.
Use My Link for time creating a new account, Then send your link to others.

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